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As a strategic management process, performance management integrates individual objectives and organizational objectives to ensure that they align with each others.

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Using this system will allow for the manager to clearly identify where the employee is at with regard to their work performance and to be rated solidly into one category or another.

There is one thing that you can improve and that is your documentation. This highlights the importance of a good work balance which takes into consideration, employees, customers and the managers.

In his job he is responsible for providing direct patient care including emergency, health, and personal care services. Therefore, the Prime Minsiter believes that there is a need to better public services, one method being the adoption of performance management systems.

Performance management will certainly guarantee better public services as employees better understand their roles and the expectations of the public. It is important for the manager to assume a coaching role during this discussion, as the goal is for the employee to improve their performance.

Armstrong acknowledges that if businesses or employers do not allow a clear line of communication within the organisation then performance will be affected, goals will not be reached and customers will receive a reduced level of service as a result.

Houldsworth and Jirasinghep. Performance Management is a system. That is, it has a number of parts, all of which need to be included if public services are to produce a good service to customers, bring value to the business and to the employees themselves.

Firstly a public service must identify a problem and agree a solution, secondly a performance management system can help a business establish an explanation for their shortfall, and in the case of the NHS it will identify the reasons for the long waiting lists for patients.

For example, having worked at a job centre in London I am aware that if managers of job centres are free from dealing with day to day issues they can concentrate on improving the accuracy and speed of providing individuals with benefit applications as there is currently a huge backlog of claims which are being delayed due to a lack of employee competence which managers must assist with.

We will assume that Joe has been employed by a mental health facility as a psychiatric tech for one year. The aforementioned highlights the importance of top management for implementing a performance management system. Management should set targets for completing claims quicker; however objectives must be realistic because if employees cannot meet set goals, then the performance of individuals is likely to suffer and public service quality will diminish.

However, there were a number of weaknesses that were noted in the appraisal system that eventually led to the development of performance management. As we have discussed above, communicating feedback to employees is one of the most important factor in the overall performance management process.

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Doing so will allow Joe some flexibility while still improving his work performance, making the goal more realistic to Joe. In essence it links with the overall strategic process.

However, the NHS has now introduced the new performance assessment proposal to enhance performance. Most important there should be a direct link between learning and development of employees and performance management. For those who are marginal or poor performing employees, there may be a need for performance appraisals to be completed more frequently perhaps even monthlythis way, the manager can keep the employee informed of their unsatisfactory job performance and work with them to coach, mentor, and potentially improve their work performance.

It establishes common understanding between what is to be achieved and the approach that will be used by the organization in order to manage people to steer them towards achieving those goals Houldsworthp.

Performance management is an integral part of strategic management which is concerned with improvement of employee performance to assist the organization to achieve its goals.

Public services can enhance performance introducing goals which cover the key area of a job. However, the nature of the performance management strategy depends on the individual organization and can vary or be similar between organization Houldsworth and Jirasinghep.

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The goal also allows for Joe to have room for error within a three month period. In conclusion it appears that performance management systems that are adhered to and well established will lead to higher quality public services.

Performance and Reward Management Essays. resources including skilled human resources. This necessitates the emphasis on performance so that organizations can hire as few employees as possible while raising performance to the highest possible levels. According to Armstrong () performance management can be defined as a strategic and integrated approach to delivering sustained success to businesses, in this instance public services, by improving the performance of the employees by developing the capabilities of team.

- Performance Management System Introduction This report is an attempt to analyse the existing Performance Management System for Large Financial Service Organisation (LFSO) and from this information, recommend, and implement an appropriate new performance management system.

Performance management is designed to enhance this personal responsibility. It implies that you are not responsible for the work of others that is important to the organization. It focusing on individual responsibility reduces an employee’s responsibility to the organization and the activities that are not his or her job.

Performance Management System is a process of setting objectives, making plans to achieve those objectives and accomplishing the desired results. This pAPER describes about the Performance Management System which is followed in many of the companies.

Performance management Essay examples; Performance management Essay examples.

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Words 3 Pages. Performance management WPA needs to manage the performance of its employees effectively if it is to remain competitive.

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There are many methods that WPA can use to manage the performance of their employees. Performance Management Words | 7.

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