Reflection essay on teaching special needs students

I was ignorant to the special education movement of inclusion, because I feared the idea of teaching students who were not "normal". I did not want to deal with them. Inthe federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act IDEA was passed which marked the dawn of what is commonly referred to as "mainstreaming".

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Hardin and Sally J. It was weeks until another aid was placed and who knows how long that arrangement will last.

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In the class I learned that every student, whether they are homosexuals, rape victims, Jewish, Christian, or special education students, are students.

I use the word normal in quotations because I now realize that special education students are like anybody else, and that we, special and general education students alike, are all normal.

Special Education Reflection

Competing visions for educating students with disabilities: The case of Brown v. It is the opinion of this author that to institute full inclusion in the American Public School would be to do a disservice to our students. Why is it, when I think about teaching students with learning disabilities, I get uncomfortable.

I felt that special education students belonged in their own classrooms; and that is why we have special education educators. There is nothing wrong with special education students. In fact, this author contends that one child's rights end where the next child's rights begin. This "reinventing [of the schools shows] one of the new roles that special educators need to assume, first and foremost, is that of collaborators with classroom teachers We must remember that our decisions in regard to the education of students with disabilities will affect real children and are not just hypothetical situations.

Board of Education of Clementon School Districtwhich dealt with a student with Down syndrome, it was ruled by the court and later upheld by the court of appeals that school districts are required to make the supports available to students with disabilities to fulfill their needs in the regular classroom, and furthermore that they can't exclude a student from a regular classroom because they learn in a different manner than other students p.

Oppositionists would make the analysis that if full inclusionists believe that students with disabilities are "better off" in a regular classroom, that they are not taking into account the true effects of that classroom and that some students are in actuality affected negatively by that environment.

Special education students are individuals who desire to learn. This opinion is supported by Tom E. A child with disabilities can not be removed from a regular education classroom until such time as it is determined that a satisfactory achievement can't be made in a regular classroom even with the addition of supplementary aids and services.

Kauffman states in his book, Education Deform: There are many who see this as a solution to the problem of how to best educate children with disabilities.

The responsibility would lie with each state. My feelings towards special education students have also changed through my counseling psychology class.

Special Education Reflection

I did not see them as individuals who seek meaning through learning. Several court cases demonstrate the difficulty in making a clear cut analysis of the law, as well as setting precedences for the practice of inclusion.

I was annoyed to find out that students, who had special needs, were included in classes where teachers were not trained or educated and therefore did not know how to instruct these students. Friend and Bursuck also note a case which is widely believed to be critical in forming the foundations and legal precedence of inclusion:.

Reflection. One of the reasons behind my taking this course was to learn how to better accommodate students in my class with exceptionalities and strategies to help learn all my students meaningfully.

meetings to determine a student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP).

While the school district is classified by New York State in N/RC Group 4 (a rural district with high needs relative to district capacity), 2 the school is currently a.

Reflection. One of the reasons behind my taking this course was to learn how to better accommodate students in my class with exceptionalities and strategies to help learn all my students meaningfully.

Essay on Reflection on My Ability as a Teacher of Special Needs Children - Final Reflection As I ponder over my personal professional development experiences as an educator the realization of how one has developed over time is personally satisfying.

To assume that all students go home to the same family dynamics and have the same duties, concerns or expectations would be unrealistic. from First Reflection Paper The Big Idea Special Education Inclusive Education Ramp to Success "We Teach Who We Are" Individual Needs. The Education Act continues government emphasis on mainstreaming and inclusion, providing “a legal framework for the assessment and development of special education provision for children with special education needs” (Anon3).

Reflection essay on teaching special needs students
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