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Thus did the shade of Sopater avenge itself on Ablabius "the fortunate. He said to them, "The time of this town is at hand, that it remain deserted like the rest of the upper castles and uninhabited. When you think of a concrete object, you think wordlessly, and then, if you want to describe the thing you have been visualising you probably hunt about until you find the exact words that seem to fit it.

Though Indianized states in Southeast Asia often translated Sanskrit material into the local languages, the literate elites and scribes more commonly used Sanskrit as their primary language of culture and government. So the main value of notebooks may be what writing things down leaves in your head.

He received the document with great arrogance, and, freed from all apprehension, he demanded the imperial purple from those who had come, while his expression became more stern, and he inspired terror in the spectators. Then, when the customary psalm-singing was completed, and the hour of the sacrifice arrived, the man of God exhorted the priests and deacons that with all alacrity of heart they should join him in prayer to their common Lord; that the Lord might show the light of his knowledge to distinguish those guilty of sacrilege.

For the priest and the deacon, witnesses of this great miracle, are known to have died before the saint, to whom they had sworn to reveal to no one that which they had seen. Porphyry's name in the Syrian town was originally Malchus this word means "king"but Longinus gave him the name of Porphyry, thus making it indicate the colour of imperial attire.

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During this time their relatives can make appeals to have the prisoners' lives spared. But she replied that she no longer felt them, and described to Maximus his own prayer and the whole ceremony; she also told him the hour at which it took place, as though she had been present, and revealed to him the omens that had appeared.


It was an enterprise of rash temerity, or rather, as was afterwards manifest, of fearless devotion. It's no wonder if this seems to the student a pointless exercise, because we're now three steps removed from real work: Behold my kinsman Philometor riding in a carriage.

Then they decided, according to the urgent wishes of the emperor, to send for Priscus also; and Maximus persisted in his demand that Chrysanthius should come as well. Tags like a consideration which we should do well to bear in mind or a conclusion to which all of us would readily assent will save many a sentence from coming down with a bump.

State resources were used for useful public works like the importation and cultivation of medical herbs, the building of rest houses, the digging of wells at regular intervals along main roads and the planting of fruit and shade trees.

Later a man from Noricum, Maximus by name, came to visit the servant of God, as was his frequent custom. Batavis 66 is a town lying between two rivers, the Aenus and the Danube.

The connection may be surprise. And anything you come across that surprises you, who've thought about the topic a lot, will probably surprise most readers. Many non-transparent-translation theories draw on concepts from German Romanticismthe most obvious influence being the German theologian and philosopher Friedrich Schleiermacher.

Thus those who had placed them were revealed by the divine test; and straightway they cried out, and by their behavior sufficiently betrayed the secrets of their hearts.

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These Dhamma texts -- Extracts from the Discipline, the Noble Way of Life, the Fears to Come, the Poem on the Silent Sage, the Discourse on the Pure Life, Upatisa's Questions, and the Advice to Rahula which was spoken by the Buddha concerning false speech -- these Dhamma texts, reverend sirs, I desire that all the monks and nuns may constantly listen to and remember.

This, then, greatly increased the reputation of Antoninus also for foresight, in that he had foretold to all that the temples would become tombs.

What I desire for my own children, and I desire their welfare and happiness both in this world and the next, that I desire for all men. The professors who taught math could be required to do original math, the professors who taught history could be required to write scholarly articles about history, but what about the professors who taught rhetoric or composition.

Most of what ends up in my essays I only thought of when I sat down to write them. When he wished to return home, Severinus said to him, "Hasten, venerable priest; for, beloved, the episcopal dignity shall speedily adorn thee, even if, as we believe, thou opposest the desire of the peoples.

Most people who bother with the matter at all would admit that the English language is in a bad way, but it is generally assumed that we cannot by conscious action do anything about it.

English translations of the life of St. Severinus, by Eugippius. September Remember the essays you had to write in high school? Topic sentence, introductory paragraph, supporting paragraphs, conclusion.

The conclusion being, say, that Ahab in Moby Dick was a Christ-like figure. Oy. The Grammar Translation Method (GTM) used in teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) focuses on reading and writing.

Language is taught through translation methods, contrasting and comparing. I do not advocate oral translation into English as the only or the most important method in learning English grammar, vocabulary and gabrielgoulddesign.com course exercises in listening, speaking and reading in English that also cover English grammar, vocabulary and conversation on various topics belong to major English learning and teaching gabrielgoulddesign.com for self-practice of English.

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